iAstroPhoto v. 1.2.1

Digital camera focus and control software for astrophotography using Macintosh OS X

iAstroPhoto is a program to assist an astrophotographer in the field.  It allows direct control of Canon DSLR cameras, and can be used on any digital camera controlled with other software.  iAstroPhoto currently includes:


(9 MByte download, requires 30 MBytes of free disk space)

If you use a recent generation Canon camera, see below!

Online User's Manual

iAstroPhoto is inspired by the fine program DSLRfocus for Windows by Chris Venter.  Got a PC? Then DSLRfocus is what you're looking for.

Requirements: iAstroPhoto requires Mac OS X 10.2 through 10.6.  It will not run on OS X 10.7 or higher.  For later operating systems and all Canon DSLRs except the original Digital Rebel, try nebulosity.

iAstroPhoto can control the following Canon EOS cameras

iAstroPhoto can operate with jpeg and tiff images taken with any camera via the folder watching feature.  I have found that focusing my Canon Digital Rebel XTi using this feature while controlling the camera with Canon's EOS Utility to be almost as easy as using iAstroPhoto alone.  

iAstroPhoto allows you to control long-exposure images via a special serial cable plugged into your camera's remote jack.  You can buy these cables from Hap Griffin, or see Paul Beskeen's site to see how to build one yourself.

Do  you want a red screen?  Select  Draw White Text from the focus menu and use DarkAdapted to turn your screen red.

iAstroPhoto has been tested on a Canon EOS Digital Rebel (300D/Kiss) and Mac OS X 10.3 and 10.4.2 communicating via USB. The features of iAstroPhoto are tuned to the EOS Digital Rebel.  iAstrophoto should work in OS X 10.2, but I'm not sure.  I welcome feedback from users of other operating systems and Canon cameras. 

iAstroPhoto uses the Canon SDK, and should be safe for your camera.  But you use this software at your own risk: I cannot be responsible for any damage use of this program may cause.

I hope it leads to many excellent, sharply focused pictures!

- Steve Bryson

Feedback and comments should be sent to stevepur@mac.com.

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